E1200 - Polidekstroza

Dodatek: E1200 - Polidekstroza

Funkcje: Substancja utrzymująca wilgoć, en:stabilizer, Substancja zagęszczająca

Polydextrose is a synthetic polymer of glucose. It is a food ingredient classified as soluble fiber by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration -FDA- as well as Health Canada, as of April 2013. It is frequently used to increase the dietary fiber content of food, to replace sugar, and to reduce calories and fat content. It is a multi-purpose food ingredient synthesized from dextrose -glucose-, plus about 10 percent sorbitol and 1 percent citric acid. Its E number is E1200. The FDA approved it in 1981. It is 0.1 times as sweet as sugar. - Wikipedia

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