Zostań współtwórcą w Open Food Facts

Potrzebujesz tylko nastawienia na skanowanie:-)! :-)

Czy możemy uczynić przemysł spożywczy bardziej otwartym i przejrzystym? Tak, skanujemy! 1863 Open Food Facts contributors and growing - Since 2012
Tak, skanujemy!

Każdy może wnieść swój wkład

Bądź częścią naszej wspólnej, bezpłatnej i otwartej bazy produktów spożywczych z całego świata!

Open Food Facts to niedochodowy projekt wykonany w całości przez wolontariuszy, potrzebujemy Cię.

Dodaj produkty

Use our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app to easily scan the barcode of products from your home or local stores and upload pictures of their label.

Nie masz smartphone'a? Nie ma problemu: możesz również użyć aparatu fotograficznego, aby dodać produkty bezpośrednio na stronie internetowej.

Na stronie internetowej można również uzupełnić informacje dla produktów dodanych przez Ciebie lub przez inne osoby.

Powiedz całemu światu

Podoba Ci się Open Food Facts? Powiedz znajomym!

Możesz zaprezentować projekt rodzinie i przyjaciołom, pokazać im, jak zainstalować aplikację i z niej korzystać, napisać post na blogu, podzielić się Open Food Facts na portalu społecznościowym...

And present it live! We have presented Open Food Facts to very different audiences in very different settings, and we always get a very enthusiastic response when we show what can be done when the data for products is open. We have lots of presentation materials (slides etc.) that you can adapt or present as-is.

Działaj lokalnie

You can help to translate the site and mobile app in your language, and to translate presentations, announcements etc.

We can work together to support and add logos for local labels, to decode local packager codes so that we can map products etc.

Start or join a local contributors community: add local products, recruit friends, present the project in local meetups and conferences etc.

Potrzebna pomoc ekspertów

Developing Open Food Facts also requires specialized knowledge and expertise in many different areas:

  • Zarządzanie projektem

    We have tons of ideas and you probably have even more, but it is quite a challenge to prioritize them, to build a roadmap, and to manage projects when every participant is a volunteer with often limited time available.

  • Design

    We need help to build a better user experience on the Open Food Facts web site and mobile app, to improve their design, to create impactful presentation materials etc.

  • Rozwój

    We have a lot of development work to do: on the Open Food Facts backend (Perl and MongoDB), API (JSON), web site (HTML5, JS, Foundation), iOS / Android / Windows Phone apps (a Java/Kotlin version on Android, and an hybrid version on iOS currently developed in HTML and JS with Apache Cordova / Phonegap for iOS, with a Swift version that needs volunteers), to build new cool reuses etc. We have projects in many programming languages to ensure anyone can reuse and contribute to Open Food Facts, in any language. We also have a growing Artificial Intelligence effort to simplify contribution work. Our code is on GitHub.

  • Community building

    We need to build local communities in all countries and at the same time unite them globally.

    It is very difficult to bootstrap a local community in a country without living there, so your help to find the first very motivated participants is essential. Are you one of them?

  • Komunikacja

    We are not sure what to write here, could you help?

    More seriously, there are lot of cool things that users, contributors and reusers do with Open Food Facts, it would be great to get more people to know about it. In particular, we need help for public and media relations.

  • Special projects

    There are lots of interesting and original applications of food open data that we could work on with government food agencies, food producers, researchers, universities, schools, NGOs etc. Maybe you already have ideas? If you do, please help us to push them forward.

Let's talk!

A lot of ideas, energy and enthusiasm are shared in our contributors community, join us!

Here are some places where you can meet other contributors, talk to them and work with them:

  • Slack

    Slack is the best way to interact and collaborate with other contributors, developers and reusers. It's a discussion forum you can access from your browser or your phone. It completely changed how we work together. Please try it, click on the button below to get invited to our Slack.

  • Facebook groups

    We have Facebook groups for Open Food Facts contributors in many languages. Joining them is a good way to get news about the project and to share announcements to a wider audience.

  • Wiki

    We also have a wiki that we use to collaboratively document Open Food Facts and its sub-projects. We also use the wiki to manage translations and to work on the taxonomies / hierarchies of categories, labels etc.

There are many more ways to contribute to Open Food Facts, please join us on Slack and let's start the discussion!