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Open Food Facts is an associative project and citizen of general interest to improve the food and the health of all. Tens of thousands of volunteers are involved in the project, and the infrastructure needed to support and facilitate their work is funded by one-on-one donations and committed partners.

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Note: to stay independent, we do not accept financial support from companies and foundations related to the food industry, but we are happy to collaborate with producers to automatically integrate data and photos of their products into the database.


Public Health France

The development of the Open Food Facts database and mobile application is carried out with the financial support of the French public health agency Santé publique France .

6-12-2018: Francja i Open Food Facts łączą siły w celu wzmocnienia otwartości danych o żywności i promowania stosowania Nutri-Score

The internationalization and extension of the Eco-Score and the development of the new Open Food Facts mobile app is supported by through its Google Impact Challenge for Climate and Google Fellowship programs.

28-5-2021: Open Food Facts laureate of the Google Fellowship and the Google Impact Challenge for Climate

Ford Foundation Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS) Open Collective

The development of the new Open Food Facts cross-platform mobile application is sponsored thanks to the generous award of the Ford Foundation and Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS), with the support of Open Collective.

4-22-2020: Open Food Facts gets an award by the Mozilla and Ford foundations for a new mobile app for even greater impact.

NLNet Foundation European Union

The development of privacy-first and personalized healthier product recommendations in the new Open Food Facts cross-platform mobile application is possible thanks to the support of NLNet Foundation and the European Union.

The development of the Folksonomy Engine project to make Open Food Facts more useful to many more people is possible thanks to the support of the NLNet Foundation and the European Union.

Web hosting and technical infrastructure

Free Foundation

Strona i baza danych Open Food Facts są hostowane na serwerach hojnie dostarczanych przez Free Foundation.

10-9-2018: 2 nowe serwery do obsługi Open Food Facts dzięki Free Foundation


Artificial intelligence algorithms and many Open Food Facts projects are running on servers generously provided by the OVHcloud .

Współpraca naukowa


The Nutri-Score was developed by the EREN Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team which uses the Open Food Facts database to check the validity of Nutri-Score in different countries.

07-08-2015: Application to the products available on the French market of the nutritional profile associated with the 5-color system (5-C): consistency with the consumption benchmarks of the PNNS


NutriNet-Santé is a cohort study that tracks the nutrition and health of volunteers for several years. EREN uses NutriNet data cross-referenced with Open Food Facts data to study the long-term effects of food additives.

Participate in Nutri-Net to help research (For French residents).

AFNIC foundation

The AFNIC foundation for Digital Solidarity supports the development of a united internet, training and awareness of its uses, by supporting local and structuring digital solidarity initiatives and research projects on the theme of digital solidarity.

The foundation is supporting Open Food Facts's environmental and educational efforts to make food not only good for you, but also good for the planet.

Other supports


XWiki regularly hosts Open Food Facts events such as the Open Food Facts association general assembly in its office in Paris.